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Best Counter-Strike: GO Trading Sites

NameProsConsCommissionName BonusLink Good design
Promo offers
5%3%Go to... Good design
Promo offers
5%2%Go to... Good prices Bad design5%2%Go to... Funny Advertisements

High commission6%2%Go to... Good prices
Clean design
Small variety5%2%Go to...

CS:GO Trading

CS:GO Trade Bots

CS:GO Trading has always been a very interesting topic. In the past, many trades were manually closed by contacting other traders, but today the focus is on using Tradebots. CS: GO Tradebots are usually more useful if you want to have a specific CS: GO skin. You can just choose a skin and add valuable skins (+ 2-5%) to the trade.
CS:GO Trade Bots have the advantage of having a much wider selection of CS: GO skins. Likewise, the prices are usually quite transparent, so you can calculate the loss of usually 2-5% well and you cannot be easily fooled. Most of the time you use Tradebots in the range of 0.01 $ – $ 600, everything beyond that is usually still manually traded.

Special CS:GO Items

For special items, e.g. with particularly valuable stickers or with special Float Values, Reddit is recommended. There you will find the easiest trader with special wishes. Formerly good websites such as the well-known have massive problems with spam bots, so these are not recommended.

Making Profit

There used to be many traders who made a good profit with CS: GO. These days, and the trade bots are also to blame, it is much harder to make a profit with CS: GO Trading. The manual traders today usually want too high overpay, so that manual trading is hardly worthwhile for both sides.

Scam Attempts

Especially with manual trades, you have to watch out for scams. Therefore always check everything twice and three times to make sure you don’t get fooled. Even with CS:GO Trade Bots, there are always scam attempts. Therefore always check if the security codes are correct and in the best case use the direct link.
If you ever find anything fishy, no matter how reputable the trader seems or what a great trade you would make: In case of doubt, keep your hands off it. Valve staff or administrators of CS:GO websites will certainly not add you to Steam and ask you about skins.